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  • My 'program name" is a fully customised program that is tailored to your specific goals and needs. 
  • IT"S A proven high-performance system, designed to sculpt, enhance and shape your body like nothing else  - backed by a money-back guarantee!
  • Enter Your Details To Schedule a FREE Transformation Consult to See If My Coaching and Training Programs are the Right Fit For You!
  • OUR 'program name" is  a fully customised program that is tailored to your specific goals and needs. 
  • IT"S A proven high-performance system, designed to sculpt, enhance and shape your body like nothing else  - backed by a money back guarantee! That's how confident I am in getting you results! 
Enter Your Details To Schedule a FREE APPLICATION CALL to See Whether You Qualify For 2 Weeks FREE ONLINE TRAINING and If My Program & Coaching Is A Right Fit For You
  • I'm looking for 15 highly motivated individuals who want to transform their body & lives - FAST.
  • If you are chosen I will GIVE YOU 2 WEEKS FREE of my FULLY CUSTOMIZED training & nutrition program PLUS my accountability & motivation coaching to ensure you HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO SUCCEED.
  • ALL FREE - In return all I ask is:
  • (1) your full 100% commitment
  • (2) a 'glowing' testimonial from you about your results
  • (3) When friends ask you how you got your results - You tell them about me! 
  • SOUND FAIR..? Simply put in your details to apply!
STEVE 55yrs
 Lost 8 kg body fat and is much stronger and healthier. 
He was able to go off his blood pressure medication!
LI 32yrs
Lost 13kg, building a muslcular and fit body.  A Deadlift record of 127kg
and achiveing lifetime goals such as running 13km Sydney City to Surf run!  
Lost 23 kg with is first FBF project then built 5 kg muscle mass. With a 85kg bench press record and kept building muscle after the program with the new skills and knowledge he had gained. 
If  you've struggled to create the SHAPELY, FIT, and STRONG looking physqiue you've always dreamt of, then THIS is the solution you have been looking for. 
When you sign up to my exclusive coaching program, you are given the hands-on and personalised guidance that has been proven to work for hundreds of real men from all walks of life.

Let me help you shred body fat while building a strong looking body with my proven principles!

Join me, I promise you that I will:

  • ​ Design a training program for YOUR schedule
  •  Design a training program for YOUR needs
  •  Provide you with eating guidelines and a sample meal plan based on YOUR requirements
  •  Be there every step of the way to answer YOUR questions and support YOUR journey & GIVE YOU THE ACCOUNTABILITY YOU NEED TO SUCCEED
Receive a first -class fitness program that adapts to your needs.
Specific coach assessment to personalise your training to your fitness level, genetic and lifestyle.
Access to informative training videos.
Access to all the training guidelines and tips.  
Easy to learn step by step flexible dieting guide.  I will help you learn the basics of weight loss, calorie counting and macro nutrients, to adapt to your own lifestyle. 
 100's delicious & nutritionally balanced recipes to never feel like you are "on a diet" 
Life long access to our video nutritional library!  
Build strong healthy habits that carry over to a joyfuller and sustainable lifestyle.  My goal is to help give you the tools to adapt to a new healither lifestyle not quick results that dont last and then cause depression.  This is as much about mindset as it is about results!
Receive support with training options to suit you.
Receive 24/7 coaching support on movements and ability.
Know Our Expert Coaches are here to help you stay on track.

Personalized training platform with complete exercise video library  
Be part of our amazing Facebook community with constant motivation & knowledge shared daily to keep you feel supported and strong throughout your transformation! 
My customised online training program 
is comprehensive and holistic in 
approach, and includes the following services:
An initial video consultation to allow me to assist you in identifying any potential limiting factors outside of your training, this is also great to get to know you and your journey.

A 12-week personalised training program with Video exercises based on your schedule and limitations. 

A sample meal plan based on your requirement to maximise your results.
A 20+ simplify video series on nutrition, macronutrients and calories 
over 150 healthy recipes to never feel like you are "on a diet".

Weekly check-ins, text and email support.

Motivational Support.

My Personal Email For The Ultimate 24/7 Email Support & Guidance.
This program is guaranteed to help 
you create your best body, building a strong & fit body with healthy and long-lasting habits! 
My 7 Week Transformation Results!
I am about practising what I preach!! 

I think the best results are when you can show people that you can follow the process and its WORKS!! 

"I used the FBF program as I am a professional competitor but was struggling with reaching my next level of competition.  FBF was personalised and corrected my eating habits to make sure that I was at my peak performance.  I ended up competing in an international competition and I couldnt be happier with my results THANK YOU FBF. " 
On the way to best shape yet, dropped 5-8% body fat got so built muscel around  soulder and chest and i feel stronger and off pain!
Focus exclusively on strength i have become stronger on the big lifts deadlifting 125kg squat 110kg and bench press 70kg, I also lost over 5 kg and i perfected my lifting tecnique!

My personal fitness transformation started when I was 16, and since then I spent my days researching and improving. It was over 10 years ago that I decided while studying nutrition and functional training that fitness wasn’t just a passion but was my thrive in life and I had to make it my career.
My career began studying at the Fitness Italian Federation where I concentrated on functional movement, core strength, conditioning and kettlebell training, while I was working at Vanity Gym in my home town.
When I moved to Sydney I found myself drawn to more specific strength and conditioning training,  I specialise myself in to Crossfit and Olympic weightlifting and I specialised in Power training becoming a Australian Federation Weightlifting Coach. 

Through working with Physiotherapists and sport specialists, I combine my experience and study, to create a specific training system, based on Progressive overload, core strength functional movements that guarantees training results working around injuries and capability. Using all these skills and experience I created a specific program type for my business as a key output called the FBF project.
The FBF Training system
The Fit By Frank (FBF) Project is a specialised 3 phased program taking individuals through Adaptation, Trigger attack and Metabolic results (ATM). The project is tailored on the individual, it works effectively on different fitness levels, genetics and ages and it guarantees you to achieve a FIT, STRONG, LEAN self! The results of my clients speak for themselves!!
Most importantly FBF gives you the fundamentals necessary to MAINTAIN your results!

Yes it is completely free. If you apply and after speaking I think you would be a good fit, I will develop you a free 2-week training and nutrition program PLUS coach you and keep you accountable so you succeed. I have done this type of thing before and what I find is that only highly motivated people get the results they want. As a result, I will be asking you to put down a 100% refundable, no strings attached 'accountability deposit'. This just so you can show some form of commitment & use it as external motivation. If you follow the training and give 100% commitment to it for the 2 weeks I will give you 100% of the money back (or if you want to continue to train you can use it towards engaging me to do a 12-week training project with you. This is completely up to you).

All I ask in return for this is 100% commitment, a testimonial from you talking about your results & when anyone asks you about how you got the results - you tell them about me.

Can i join the project if i don't have much experience in weight training and I don't know anything about calories ad macronutrients?
Absolutely, our project is completely tailored on you, nothing is generic! You will be working directly with your coach, step by step to take to make sure you're working at the right fitness level with the most effective exercises for your body time and experience.
You will be learning nutrition and everything you need to know about weight loss, maintenance and muscle building foundation, with 5 min nutrition videos to gradually increase your personal knowledge to be able to make the healthy choises for you and your family.

Im doing this because I want to create a 'WORD OF MOUTH' explosion about my online fitness business. 

I know its works, I know how much it can change people's lives and as a result I want to get it in as many hands as possible. I know if I give it out to people for free and they get great results, their friends will ask them how they did it & they will tell them, which will then their friends will become paying clients of mine.

In addition I want more testimonials of successful people, giving further proof and credibility that my program is the best out there.

So simply put - I'm doing it free for you, but that will in return help me get the word out more - which will build my business fast :) 


I don't need to lose much weight but I wanna get fitter stronger and healthier?
Once you joined the project you'll be contacted by your personal coach, you'll discuss your main goals to achieve first and together you'll put down a solid plan of attack to guarantee you best and fast results 
Phone: +61 457 340 248

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